Love Logo | Two images, one logo by Shibu
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Two images, one logo by Shibu

A brand identity is more than a logo, it influences your customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors. It is usually based on the brand essence and core values or its defined by name.

Shibu is a talented graphic designer, he creates brand logos by combining two main elements that stands for a unique pursued images. These icons communicate thoughtful supreme designs blended with an ideal and minimalist set up in a consistent way.

#1 Bird Vision


#2 Fox Garage


#3 Elewine


#4 Owl Rider


#5 Fox Love


#6 Penguin Love


#7 Flight Kid Express


#8 Bear Wine


#9 Rabbit Family


#10 Hippo Gamer


#11 Skull Quotes


#12 Dog Family


#13 Horse Pizza